Commercial & Residential Throughout the Pacific Area

"I met Jenie Congerton in 2009 and since that time, it has been my pleasure to work with her and Apt Interiors on hundreds of design projects, varying from small to large in scope.  Jenie has always impressed me with her attention to detail, project planning, and most importantly her willingness to learn and grow as required by project needs. My experience has been that on the projects Apt Interiors undertakes, they successfully navigate furniture design, space planning, detail specification, creation of construction drawings and documents, while also managing well project budgets and deadlines.  Apt Design is worthy of trust and is extremely professional in all their dealings with clients, vendors, and contractors. As a design professional and a representative of a large corporation, with complicated needs and requirements for every project, I would highly recommend Apt Design for your interior design projects." - Chris Westaway - Salt Lake City, UT

Residential Exterior & Interior House Renovation

"I knew the general look I wanted for the house but had no idea where to start.  Jenie was fantastic at taking all the ideas and putting into a coordinated and cohesive design.” - Paul Bleakley

Residential Interior Apartment Renovation

“From the ‘get go’ Jenie captured our vision and brought to life the general ideas we had and turned them into something special. With very fine attention to detail, Jenie ensured the function and practicality of the apartment was just as important as the layout, aesthetics and design. I want to thank Jenie and the entire Apt design family for their amazing talent and dedication to a project that meant a lot to us – Thank you!“ - Natham Apiata

Residential New Build

"It is our pleasure to commend Apt Interiors on the project they completed for us at our new home. The scope of the contract included drapes, purpose made blinds, and purpose made headboard and colour coordination, appliances and some furniture. Jenie Congerton is a very talented and professional designer. She understood the brief and came up with clever suggestions and the perfect fabrics. We are delighted with the results. She kept within our budget and somehow produced magical prices so we got a lot more than what we expected. The project was completed within the time frame and the installers were professional. We highly recommend Jenie and Dave  - Apt Interiors for any interior work you may require and invite anyone to contact us direct if there are any further questions." - Margie & Hans Schulte